Howell Area

All houses on these properties were located on what is now National Guard property, unless otherwise noted.

C-153   Charles B. and Susie Portwood
C-154   Martin and Emma Greiwe
C-155   William and Edith Crowe
C-156   Matthew Schiebendrien
C-157  Rose and J. Lautner
C-158  Leonard J. and Bettie Kessler
C-159  Eltin and Maude Pitman
C-160  Robert L. and Leora E. Fulkerson
C-161  James F. and Chiles F. Stewart
C-162  William H. and Eula C. Zeyen
C-163  Claude E. and Hester Muschany
C-164  Joseph Chandler
C-165  Claude E. and Hester Muschany
C-166  Calvin Castlio, et al
C-167  Elsie M. Knippenberg
C-168 Consolidated School District No. 2
C-169  Othaniel E. Bacon
C-170 & 170A  Leonard J. and Betty Kessler
C-171  Martin, Marvin, and Arch Howell
C-172  Elsie M. Knippenberg
C-173  Dennis B. and May Dell Pitman
C-174  Morris, Claude, and J. Karl Muschany
C-175  Mechanicsville Lodge No. 260, F. & A. M.
C-176  Calvin, Dwight, and B. Irene Castlio
C-177  South Dardenne Presbyterian Church
C-178  S. Curtis Snyder

Site of J.Hodgen Bates home near Dunlap Cemetery
C-179  Earl Sutton, et al
C-180  Claude E. and Hester Muschany
C-181  George Wesley and Lottie J. Stevenson; Hattie Marie Shaw
C-182  Claude E. and Hester Muschany
C-183  Samuel M. Watson, et al
C-184  Samuel M. Watson, et al
C-185  Consolidated School District No. 2
C-186  Emily Estella Blize
C-187  Walter E. and Mary Post
C-188  J. Hodgen Bates
C-189  Nell L. Fulkerson
C-190  Oscar L. and Viola Snyder
C-191  Methodist Church of Howell
C-192  J. Karl and Vera Muschany
C-193  John W. Dixon
C-194  Alberta S. Dugan, et al
C-195  Morris I. and Nell W. Muschany
C-196  William H. Snyder
C-197  Elroy Adam and Lily Schweitzer
C-198  Grover Cleveland Silvey
C-199  James A. Dominick and Mary Ann Cripps
C-201  Sarah Ann Bigelow and Alice Stevenson
C-328  Calvin Castlio, et al
C-329  J. Hodgen Bates
C-332  Calvin Castlio, et al