C-159 and D-249

Eltin and Maude Pitman in the 1940's

Owners: Eltin and Maude Pitman           
               Eltin's nickname was Buck.  In The Rape of Howell and Hamburg, Donald Muschany states that "Eltin Pitman and his boys, Virg, Tig, and Bud, were the clay bird champs" of the area. 
1940 Census: Eltlin Pitman, age 63, contractor - well driller
                         Maud Pitman, age 60
                         Clifton, age 25, laborer - well drilling              
Acreage: 52.75
Contract price: $9,700
Property condemned on April 9, 1941
Condemnation price: $3,620

There were no structures on C-159.

In March of 1941, Eltin Pitman told Senator Champ Clark, "It has me puzzled.  It just don't look like our government at all to come in, put our people out, take away our schools and churches and then refuse to pay us the agreed price for them.  We're in bad shape.  We can't borrow money on the land and the banks won't recognize the options as collateral."

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Eltin Pitman about 1900 with Tom Slattery