B-143, C-196, and D-232

Owner: William H. Snyder
             Snyder's wife was Susan Murdock Snyder.
1940 Census: C-196 Rev. Glenn Williams, age 40, clergyman - church
                                     Lena Williams, age 35
                                     Carol, age 8
                                     Margaret, age 5
                                     Joyce, age 2
Acreage: 92.00 (B-143)    There were no structures on B-143 or D-232.
              30.30 (C-196)   
              21.38 (D-232)
Contract price: $18,874
Property condemned on June 26, 1941.
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In a St. Louis Star-Times article dated March 26, 1941, William Snyder stated, "I  have observed public affairs since before the Civil War, but in none of these periods did I ever hear of the United States of America repudiating sacred covenants with its own citizens.  If the government for which I would always have been willing to die should take such a step, I will regret that I have lived to see the day."