Owners: Mechanicsville Lodge No. 260, A. F. & A. M. The trustees were Earl R. Sutton, R. L. Fulkerson, and  L. M. McCormick.
Acreage: 0.30
Contract price: $8,000
Property condemned on April 9, 1941

A favorite place for the community of Howell to gather was the Muschany Brothers store.  In wintertime men would gather around its stove, chewing tobacco, playing chess and checkers, and talking of politics, crops, and the weather.  Ribbons of fly-paper decorated the ceiling.  On one side of the store, yard goods and clothing were displayed.  On the other side were the telephone, the desk, and the candy counter with its array of sweets.  The shelves were crowded with tobacco, canned goods, bottles filled with various necessities, buckets of corn syrup, and jars of peanut butter.  The Mechanicsville Lodge met upstairs.

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