C-166, C-328, C-332, and D-233

Owners: Calvin Castlio, Vasta L. McCormick, Verna Z. Castlio, and Ivo R. Castlio
              Calvin Castlio, age 83 and recently widowed, lived here with his daughter, Vasta (Doll), age 39; her husband, Linton McCormick, age 40 and a school bus driver; and their two children, Calvin Montgomery (Chappie), age 11, and Beverly Jean, age 9.  In July of 1941, Calvin Castlio was the last TNT area resident to move from his home.
Acreage: 0.60 (C-166)
              6.33 (C-328)
            20.50 (C-332)
            58.62 (D-233)
Contract price: $8,273.05
Property condemned on June 29, 1941

There were structures only on C-166.
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