C-197 and D-209

Owners: Elroy Adam and Lily Schweitzer
1940 Census: Elroy Schweitzer, age 42, proprietor - groc. and meats
                         Lily Schweitzer, age 41
Acreage: 82.64
Contract price: $14,850
Property sold on January 22, 1941
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Today: D-209 house 692023  4284934  brick grill, nearly intact concrete basement, brick porch     supports
             D-209 outbuilding 692095  4284804  concrete foundation
             D-209 trash at 692091  4284778
             D-209 692083 4284938  yucca, foundation stones, saw blade  (This may be the Scout buildings mentioned below.  It could also be the remains of a house, already destroyed by 1941, that is indicated near this spot on an 1875 plat map.) 


An abandoned scout camp was located on D-209.