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Supreme Court Case  This is the full text of the Supreme Court case, Muschany V. United States, decided on February 5, 1945, which finally rewarded full compensation to the TNT landowners whose property had been condemned.

Les Mades at his grandparents' grave in Hamburg
Memories of Les Mades  In July of 2011, Les Mades of Washington, Missouri, died at the age of ninety-one.  No individual played a greater role in the creation of the DVD The Glimmering Landscape than Les.  He provided several dozen photographs and much information that is also part of this website.  This portion of the script for The Glimmering Landscape  entitled "The Life They Knew" was based almost entirely on a series of interviews with Les that occurred in 2009-2010.

The Rose Keller Album  In 1918, when she was seventeen, Rose (Keller) McKenney was given a box Brownie camera by a friend.  For the next two decades, she used it to capture images of everyday events in the lives of her family and neighbors along Muschany Hollow Road, now known as the western portion of Lost Valley Trail.

Memories of a Former Resident  A woman who lived on the Muschany Hollow Road as a young girl shares recollections.  This seven-part series of reminiscences covers a wide range of topics.

Death of a Dream  A 2006 newspaper article discusses the TNT story and features interviews with Dr. Dan Brown, author of Small Glories, and Les Mades.

1940 Map  This map shows all county roads in the TNT area.

The TNT Reunion - 1979  A St. Charles, Missouri, newspaper reported this event.

The Woodson Letters  From 1945-1947, Tarleton and Junia Woodson wrote this series of letters to the government in an attempt to regain their property.

Memories of Irma Sudbrock Wyhs  Irma Sudbrock Wyhs lived as a child on the road to Lower Hamburg.

Memories of MaryDean Carter Alsworth  MaryDean Carter Alsworth lived as a child in Howell.

The 1931 Hamburg Blue Jays  Read an article about Hamburg's championship female baseball team.

National Defense Migration  On November 26-27, 1941, only a few months after the exodus from the TNT area, a House Select Committee held hearings in St. Louis concerning the "present and potential consequences" caused by the forced removal of U. S. citizens from their homes due to the national defense program.  Although the entire record is compelling reading, of special interest to those interested in the TNT area are pages 8827-8835, 9220-9221, and 9348-9349.

The Rape of Howell and Hamburg, Missouri (An American Tragedy)  Read the complete text of Donald K. Muschany's book.

 Crow's Nest  Read the complete text of Part II, "Howell's Prairie 1800-1840," by Lilian Hays Oliver.

The Ralph Fridley Scrapbook  This is a collection of over one hundred newspaper article transcripts from 1940-1941, detailing the first year of the TNT story.

Frank Post's Howell Garage  Read about the garage in Howell that Frank Post managed for several years in the 1930's.

1937 USGS Topographical Map  This map of the Weldon Spring quadrant shows the location of many houses.

Ralph Sutton Photograph  A photo of Ralph Sutton and several other musicians from the late 1930's.

The Col. Carl Dutton Collection  Col. Carl Dutton was the first commanding officer of the Weldon Springs Ordnance Works.  During his tenure from 1941 to 1943, Dutton compiled an extensive collection of newspaper and magazine articles about the WSOW.

"Remembering Hamburg"  An article from the Boone Country Connection in 2003.

Hamburg Informational Maps  These maps were created by Doug Mades, grandson of Theodore and Lena Mades, who were TNT property owners from Hamburg.  Their home is indicated on the maps.