Residents of Hamburg at a school function
Welcome to the TNT Story!  Although the events of this story occurred eighty years ago, abundant physical, documentary, and photographic evidence remains that proves the people of Hamburg, Howell, Toonerville, and the Weldon Spring area really existed and experienced the tremendous human tragedy this story tells.
          The purpose of this website is to share the TNT Story with as many people as possible to ensure that this sobering event in American history is not forgotten.  More specifically, this website’s aim is to preserve the names, faces, homes, and culture of the approximately seven hundred people who were displaced from the TNT area in 1940 by making accessible several hundred photographs, documents, and articles. 
Remains of buildings on the Schlote farm
          This website project is an ongoing process.  Information will be added as it becomes available, especially contributions of TNT survivors and their descendants.  The contact information necessary to direct such photographs and documents is available by clicking the “Contact Info” tab at the top of this page.
          The National Archives in Kansas City was the main source for this website.  All of the property inventories displayed and their accompanying photographs, made in the first half of 1941, are from the Archives.  The staff of the Archives was extremely helpful in making available these and other relevant sources.  Several dozen other photographs and much information have been provided by TNT survivors and their relatives.
          This website is dedicated to the memory of the people who lived this story.