Owners: Louis H. Muschany, Edward H. Muschany, William C. Muschany, Robert Muschany, Waldo Muschany, and Daisy Muschany Sutton
1940 Census: LARGER HOUSE
                         Louis Muschany, age 63, farmer
                         Edward Muschany, age 60, farmer
                         William Muschany, age 54, farmer

                         SMALLER HOUSE
                         Emil L. Carter, age 38, farmer
                         Katie Carter, age 35
Location: 693822   4282895  (on Lost Valley Trail)
Acreage: 154.86
Contract price: $5,500
Property sold on July 24, 1941
Today: daffodils, traces of barn foundation, top of stone cistern
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Further down the road was the home of the Muschany brothers, Bill, Ed, and Louis, pictured here with
their sister, Daisy.  These men lived with their mother, Margaret, in this house (below left) until her death
in 1939.  All three brothers had farmed and worked at a variety of other jobs.  They also had a grist
mill on their property.  Neighbors knew them as the best kind of people.  Louis was known for his
ability to tell stories.  One of his brothers once said of him, "Louis would lie.  He just tells novels."

Margaret Muschany before her death in 1939.  Everyone called her "Grandma."  She smoked a pipe and had a parrot that imitated her voice so perfectly that the men would come in from the fields, thinking she had called them.

Margaret's husband, Civil War veteran John E. Muschany, was the last person to be buried in the Muschany family cemetery, which is located on property owned in 1940 by the McKenneys (see D-238).

Louis, Ed, and Bill moved to this house in Wright City
after their property was taken for the TNT plant.

Bob Muschany, co-owner of property
Nettie Muschany (Bob's wife) in 1941
Drawing by Harold E. Sutton, son of Daisy Muschany Sutton