The Mades Cemetery
     When the U. S. government in 1940 acquired the 18,000 acres it felt it needed to secure its TNT plant near Weldon Spring, it created a problem for itself which it never really solved.  What should be done with the two dozen cemeteries on this land?  Newspaper articles from the period indicate obvious confusion.  There was talk of disinterring all of the 700 bodies at government expense and then reburying them in a tract of land purchased by the government.  This never happened.  Then the suggestion was made to remove bodies only if relatives requested reburial.  This plan was also apparently not fully implemented.  What the government did was to fence the cemeteries and make a commitment to care for them.  This promise was not kept.
     Today most of these cemeteries are maintained by the Boone-Duden Historical Society of New Melle, Missouri.  A few of the larger ones have cemetery associations which care for them.  A few are maintained by family members.  Almost all of the cemeteries still have the steel posts erected in  1941, and a few are still enclosed with the barbed wire and gates from that period.
     The map above only approximates the cemetery locations.  Select a cemetery below for its specific location, a detailed map, and other information.  The maps of the cemeteries were made by the Fraser-Brace Engineering Company, which was responsible for the TNT plant construction, in 1941-1942.  The original maps are in the archives of the St. Charles County Historical Society of St. Charles, Missouri.
     The GPS formats used are UTM/UPS and latitude/longitude.
    1. Berg                                                              
    2. Castlio                                                           
    3. Dunlap                                                           
    4. Old Dardenne Presbyterian Church               
    5. Daniel                                                            
    6. Gebhard (Miller)                                            
    7. Hamburg Evangelical Church                         
    8. Hutchings                                                      
    9. Francis Howell                                              
    10. Thomas Howell                                            
    11. Iman                                                              
    12. Mades
    13. McRoberts
    14. Murdock
    15. Muschany
    16. Pitman
    17. Porter
    18. Absalom Price
    19. William Price
    20. Roth (Heck)
    21. Schlote
    22. Schneider
    23. Scott
    24. Yahn                                               

    The Schlote Cemetery