(An American Tragedy)


Donald K. Muschany

     In 1978, Donald K. Muschany wrote an extraordinary personal memoir of the events surrounding the destruction of the towns of Howell and Hamburg, and of the efforts of a small number of dispossessed landowners, including his aunt and uncle, Vera and Karl Muschany, to seek just compensation for their losses through the United States court system.
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From the dust jacket of the first edition (1978):

          Here, at last, is a historical reconstruction of an incredible event related to the outbreak of the Second World War.  Discover how the United States Government contracted to purchase 18,000 acres of land for the Weldon Springs Ordinance Plant and then refused to honor its contracts. Unbelievable? Yes, but true and well documented. The landowners and their families were dispossessed of their homes and lands. They sought justice in the courts.  After several years, justice prevailed, but the scars of the tragedy and the mental anguish endured by those involved cannot be erased.

          A glow of the author’s love of his country is woven in a moving testimonial to his parentage. Yesterday’s memories shape his thoughts of today as he recalls his boyhood years spent in Howell and Hamburg, Missouri.

          Don K. Muschany was born near Howell, Missouri, the son of Morris and Nell Muschany. He attended Francis Howell High School and graduated from Central Methodist College, Fayette, Missouri. He attended Washington University later, enrolling in courses that would be beneficial to his career. He has been a practicing funeral director for forty years, owns his own business, and is also a director on the board of several corporations. He has traveled extensively throughout the world and has great compassion for his fellow man.


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