Old Dardenne Presbyterian Church

Location: 694017   4290140      N 38.74019  W 90.76728
Hikers can access this cemetery in two ways:
          1.  Enter August Busch Conservation Area from Highway D.  Drive toward the northern portion of Area, following the Auto Tour.  Follow the signs to Lake 33 and cross the dam at the eastern end of the lake.  Park at the trailhead and walk toward Dardenne Creek.  You will probably need to remove shoes and socks to cross the creek.  Follow the trail, which is an old road.  When the road splits, follow the right branch up the hill.  The cemetery will be on your right.
          2.  From Highway DD, turn south on Fox Haven Drive.  Proceed to the south of the subdivison and turn east on Havenwood Drive.  Park at the eastern end of this street.  Walk down the steep hill to the southeast and follow the old road to the southeast.  The cemetery will be on your left.

Records of 1941 indicate 200 burials, many of which were unmarked stones.  For a list of burials in this cemetery click here.