Location:  691921   4287120       N 38.71190  W 90.79265
The Castlio Cemetery is located a few hundred feet north of what was known as Toedebusch Road.  Enter the August Busch Conservation Area from Highway D.  Turn left at the T and drive west, following signs to Lake 37.  Park in the lot at the north side of the lake and walk south-southwest across the dam.  The cemetery contains eight graves:
  1. O. C. Castlio                                   d. 31 May 1871          (with Cordelia)          47y 18d
  2. Cordelia Castlio     b. 1 Feb 1831        28 Feb 1904           
  3. Infant Castlio                                       13 Sep 1868           stillborn son of O. C. and Cordelia
  4. Samuel H. Castlio  b. 8 Apr 1870        13 Apr 1870           son of O. C. and Cordelia
  5. Faunt Castlio                                                   1888           son of Uncas and Allene   8m 18d
  6. Mary E. Patton                                    20 Oct 1851           wife of James       32yr 6m 2d
  7. Thomas Stephenson                            20 May 1843          son of T. D. and M. I.
  8. Thomas D. Stephenson                       30 Jan 1848            62y 5m 25d
When Uncas Castlio, the son of O. C. and Cordelia, died on November 29, 1949, his ashes were sprinkled on the grave of his son Faunt.

According to Lilian Hays Oliver in her book Crow's Nest, the infant Charlie Landers was buried here in about 1860.