Farm implement on D-237
Owner: Louis Scott
1940 Census: T-11  Louis Scott, age 80

                         T-11a  Savannah Scott, age 32
                                      Louis Donald, age 4
                                      Vernon Dewit Jones (also Savannah's son), age 14
Location: 695347   4282413  (T-11)
               695032   4282523  (schoolhouse)
               695084   4282560  (T-11a)
Acreage: 60.00
Contract price: $1,860
Property condemned on April 14, 1941
Condemnation price: $540
Today: some bottles, roof tin, trash at T-11; concrete support posts and front step at school site; foundation rubble and concrete posts seen in photo below of T-11a.

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The home (T-11) located at the gps coordinates


Another view of the schoolhouse

The schoolhouse step with Muschany Hollow Road in background

View around corner of schoolhouse