Hattie Mades (middle) and her daughters lived in D-292 until the middle of 1940
 Owner: Hattie Mades.  Both Hattie and her
husband, Henry John Mades, were lifelong Hamburg residents.  When Henry died in 1936, Hattie inherited the several properties they had purchased in the area.

Location:  The garage (697352  4282667), doctor's office (697333  4282636), and B-19a were located in Hamburg.  For a view of Hamburg which includes these structures, click here. In January of 1941, Tot Mades supervised the dismantling of the garage in two days, and the lumber was moved to Defiance, probably to Al Heumann's home.  Several men, including Les Mades, were paid four dollars a day to help.

All other structures were located in Lower Hamburg, near the train station, in or near what is now the old quarry.  For a view up Lower Hamburg Road which includes G-9, click here.  It is difficult to be precise about the locations of the other structures.  One of these buildings apparently was located several hundred feet north of D-300 at 697876  4282936 where there is a depression next to which are some old bottles.  A large spring marked on the 1937 USGS topographical map is at 697847  4283059; a concrete dam, approximately twenty-five feet long, is at the spring.

There is no photo available for G-9a. There are no property inventories available for the garage or doctor's office.

Acreage: 66.00
Contract price: $25,000
Property sold on January 9, 1941
Cemetery: Roth (Heck) 
Al Heumann (Heiman?) rented the garage
Dr. Douglas Blalock rented the defunct bank


Blacksmith shop