B-99, C-192, and D-267

Owners: J. Karl and Vera Muschany
1940 Census: J. Karl Muschany, age 38, proprietor - general store
                         Vera, age 29
                         Jane Ann, age 5
Location: C-192 was located on what is now National Guard property.
               There were no structures on B-99 or D-267.    
Acreage: 40.01 (B-99 and C-192)
               33.33 (D-267)
Contract price: $12,387 (B-199 and C-192)
                          $4,500 (D-267)
Property condemned on April 8 (B-99 and C-192) and April 9 (D-267), 1941
Condemnation price: $2,611 (B-99 and C-192) and $950 (D-267)
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