A-8 and D-309

Adam Schneider
Owner: Adam Schneider (Schneider lived in D-309 in 1940.  The George Neslage family lived in A-8.)
1940 Census: Adam Schneider, age 92
                         Hannah, age 37
                         Huldah, age 37
Location: 698998  4286113 (A-8) 
               697338  4282478 (D-309)
Acreage: 122.15 (A-8)
                   0.25 (D-309)
Contract price: $9,161 (A-8)
                         $3,750 (D-309)
Property sold on January 23 (D-309) and 25 (A-8), 1941
Cemetery: Thomas Howell (A-8)
Today: pile of concrete and bricks at A-8

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The Schneider home is on the right of the Seib home.
Another view of the same two homes
Adam Schneider