Crow's Nest Introduction


            Howell, unlike Weldon Springs, New Melle, Defiance, and Wentzville, now will have to live in the memories of those who knew and loved this quiet little Missouri village in the fertile region between the two great rivers, the Missouri and the Mississippi.
            If it is to be cherished in the memories of the descendants of former residents of the village and prairie, some effort must be made to preserve for future generations the history and tradition of this region where all homes and buildings were obliterated in 1940.
            Hence the following data, the compiling of which has been a great pleasure to me. The information has been obtained from documents in the office of the Recorder, St. Charles, Missouri; from “Little Things” by my mother, Serena Castlio Hays; from “Some Missouri Pioneers, Their Ancestors, Descendants, and Kindred from Other States” by Mary Iantha Castlio; from “Pioneer Families of Missouri” by Bryan and Rose; from former residents of Howell’s Prairie; from information obtained by my husband, A. Ray Oliver, and me from inscriptions on stones in the Old Dardenne Cemetery, the Francis Howell Cemetery, and the Thomas Howell Cemetery—all in the area acquired by the Government in 1940.

Here, as I take my solitary rounds
Amidst thy tangling walks and ruined grounds,
And, many a year elapsed, return to view
Where once the cottage stood, the hawthorn grew,
Remembrance wakes with all her busy train,
Swells at my breast, and turns the past to pain.