Fridley page 12

[St. Louis Star-Times, handwritten: November 1, 1940]

Preparing for the Exodus

            Gloom has settled over the peaceful villages and the scenic hills of southeastern St. Charles County. A hand of Mars has touched and blighted the whole section. The towns of Hamburg, Mechanicsville, Howell and Toonerville, the farms and burial grounds, are to be replaced with plants to manufacture T.N.T. and other death-dealing explosives. Eighteen thousand acres are needed by the War Department for the plants which will cost $10,000,000. Actual work will get under way shortly. The 500 land-owning and tenant families, storekeepers, and others, will soon be on the move, away from the land which in many instances has been in the family for 150 years. Plans to resist the government’s move to obtain the site have been abandoned.

            Scenic splendor within the tract. This view was taken from Highway 94 looking toward the Missouri River. The map above shows the location of the [?] of land.

            Miller School, Consolidated District No. 2, a modern, four-room grammar school, on Highway 94, will never have a pupil! This new structure, now being finished, cost $20,000. Doubtless the building will be used for some purpose by the Atlas Powder Co., which will operate the plants.

            The week-end home of George C. Willson, St. Louis attorney, at Hamburg, on the palisades, high above the Missouri River. The house was built about sixty [?] years ago. There is a possibility that some of the [?] old houses on the tract, such as this one, may be preserved.