Fridley pages 94-96

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Tribute Home Land

The following poem was written by a resident of Weldon Spring as a tribute to the residents of the TNT area who are moving from their old homes. The writer said the residents played an important part in the history of St. Charles county and moving to new homes means a great sacrifice to them. The author said the poem is not meant to take sides but is just a remembrance of all the area meant to the people.


’Tis not in opposition
That I pen these lines today,
But in a simple tribute
To those who’ve moved away.

From the old Howell’s Prairie Country
Bordering Highway 94,
From the Dardenne Creek and Femme Osage,
To the old Missouri shore.

To those familiar places
Known to all of us I sing,
The land of Howell and Hamburg
and near to Weldon Spring.

To a land of happy villages,
Of fruit and wheat and corn,
Land of churches, schools, and happy homes,
And many fertile farms.

To a place of many friendships,
Neighbors who once lived near,
And worked in loyal striving
For the things they all held dear.

For the good of home and church and school,
In the true American way,
Let us pause in remembrance,
And turn our thoughts their way.

True it was some fields were barren,
Yielding not as once before,
But the few of those who lived there
Suffered as the very poor.

In the early eighteen hundreds,
in a time that long is gone,
The Indians roamed these prairies
And ’twas known to Daniel Boone.

’Tis rich in history’s memories,
Of the early pioneer
Who came to a land of forests
Yielding not to easy fear.

Some served with Callaway’s rangers
In the times of Indian strife,
To protect their homes and loved ones,
From the dreaded scalping knife.

From south and north and east
And o’er the ocean wide,
The pioneers came there
And planned there to abide.

They dreamed of time in the future
When this land still would be,
The home of a good people
And their posterity.

In the several district grade schools,
Simple learning long was given,
And in its little country churches
Many sought to learn of Heaven.

And the home of early learning,
Francis Howell School had grown
To a high school of the present
Where many youths have gone.

There are many who will cherish thoughts
Of athletic games they knew,
While others will remember
The joys of Riverview.

Now those who lately lived there
Have bravely moved away,
Not with defeat but courage,
Not faltering in dismay.

But ever in the hearts of those
Who once lived in and near,
Will memory be sacred
And old visions very clear.

For though forever from us
Those sights are closed to view,
Yet ties of friendship made there,
We hope will still be true.

In the distant unknown future,
For our country’s good we’ll pray,
And then lets pause in remembrance
And let our memories stray.

To the old Howell’s Prairie country
Bordering Highway 94,
From the Dardenne Creek and Femme Osage
To the old Missouri shore.