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Government Will Send An Assistant Attorney General Here To Pass On Titles
D. M. Bolton Said Options On Property Will Be Obtained In Name Of The Government

            The job of acquiring 20,000 acres of land in the Howell-Hamburg neighborhood for the $15,000,000 Government TNT plant is expected to be under way in full force Monday morning.
            D. M. Bolton, engineer, who is representing the R. Newton McDowell Company of Kansas City, designated by the government to purchase the land, said he has been informed an assistant to the United States Attorney General would be sent here to assist in passing on the titles so the purchase could be consummated in a hurry.
            About ten field men will arrive here Monday to work under Bolton. Residents of the TNT area are reluctant to give options on their property for fear they are being obtained by an individual concern and not by the Government. Bolton said they can have no foundation for their fear for the options will be obtained in the name of the United States Government and will be of short duration; just long enough to permit clearing the title.
            The Government previously had real estate men purchase large tracts of land but abandoned that idea on the local project because the realty men were anxious to sell a piece of property to every person they made the purchase from for the government. This caused a delay in the acquisition which the government does not want.
            The McDowell concern had previously optioned 18,000 acres of land west of Boonville in Cooper county for a government TNT plant but the site did not meet the requirements and was discarded.
            At Hannibal, Mo., a Government ordnance plant was built during the world war and was operated for several years later by a private concern before being converted into a public park.
            Speculation today is whether the TNT plant will be permanent or on operation only until the war fright is over.
            The Kansas City firm has opened an office on the second floor of the [one or more lines missing]

[St. Charles (?), handwritten date Oct. 30, 1940]

Agent for Government In Purchase Said He Wants People To Get All For Land They Can
People Protest Paying 5% Commission; Agents Say Add It To The Sale Price

            Farmers in the Howell-Hamburg neighborhood on which options for the United States Government are now being obtained for construction of a Government TNT plant, are willing to co-operate as long as they are given a fair price for their land and are not required to move in mid-winter, Morris Muschany, Howell merchant said last night.
            Muschany said the report that a meeting of residents of the section would be held in the Howell High School last night was erroneous but unless the people are told something definite “there may be a meeting.”
            Muschany said the agents are unable to tell the people definitely when the government plans to move them out. “Some say immediately while others tell us 30 or 45 days.” The merchant, a leading figure not only in his community but in the entire county said the people are demanding enough money so they can begin life on the same scale in some other section.
            He also said the people are protesting the payment of five per cent of the sale price to R. Newton McDowell, agents for the government. Muschany said the people think the government should pay the commission. In addition the people are expected to pay the costs of clearing the title and with the commission paid McDowell would amount to at least $200 on a $2000 sale price.
            There are about 700 tracts of land in the area and about 1500 people. So far the McDowell concern has obtained six options on more than 850 acres of land.
            In conversation with Mr. McDowell last night he said he would like for the land owners to get all of the money they could for their land and to realize that the War Department wants the land. He said he has done everything within his power to convince the people that he represents the Government and the options are asked in the name of the United States of America and not for himself.
            Mr. McDowell said the options are asked for in order to get started on the work as soon as possible and he wants the landowners to realize that he is their friend and at the same time represents the United States. He wants the owners to get all they can for their land and the Government is willing to do the right thing with the people.
            So far as the schools are concerned he said the Government will assume all of the indebtedness the school district owes and help them to relocate the schools without any additional cost to the taxpayers. When asked how long it will be before the schools would have [?] out and how long it will be [?] the owners will have to vaca [?] farms, but that he could [?] swer. He said this is an em [?] the country is facing and th [?] no more delay than absolut [?] essary.
            The gentlemen said the la [?] ers need not employ a la [?] represent them as the Gov [?] wants to pay them a rea [?] price for the land and will d [?]
            Mr. McDowell was asked [?] ing the commission of five [?] the land owner is to pay to [?] procuring the sale, prepar [?] deed for the conveyance of [?] and arranging for settleme [?] closing of the transaction. [?] planation he said “Suppose [?] er wants $100 an acre for hi [?] Ior whatever he may value [?] then he should add the five [?] onto the amount he actually [?] for the land and make the pr [?] an acre which will cover [?] amount, and he receives that [?] for farm, if the price is a [?] the War Department, and [?] per cent is taken care of th [?] and does not come out of the [?] price the owner has agreed [?] the option.”
            McDowell said there is [?] able work to be done and he [?] doubt that the people will be [?] to co-operate with the Gove [?] as soon as they realize tha [?] a representative of the [?] ment. He said he has done [?] in his power to convince the [?] of the fact that it is not Mc [?] who is asking for the optio [?] is the War Department [?] United States to whom the o [?] given. He is only an agent [?] Government in securing the [?] in the name of the Governm [?]
            He said he has a number [?] here conferring with the la [?] ers and he hopes that owners [?] property will co-operate wit [?] and have confidence in wha [?] tell the land-owner, realizin [?] the War Department is in a [?] to get ready for this emergen [?]
            Regarding the Highway t [?] the section wanted, and pi [?] through it, he said that wi [?] to be attended to and the [?] ment will co-operate with th [?] way Commission and Pipe [?] owners as soon as possible [?] locate the road and pipe line.
            After talking with Mr. Mc [?] we realize that he is a repr [?] tive of the Government an [?] the land-owners will give h [?] co-operation the situation de [?]