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Flow of Material to Plant Will be Speeded Since Classification In A-1-a Bracket
New High Employment Roll Reached; Expect To Start Manufacture in September

            The priority rating of the Weldon Spring Ordnance Works at Weldon Spring, which will manufacture TNT and DNT for national defense, was raised last week from A-1-b to A-1-a, which places it in the top bracket, ranking with the nation’s foremost defense production units.
            Flow of needed material will be accelerated and stabilized, it was said by Maj. Carl R. Dutton, ordnance officer and post commander.
            Employment reached another new high of 5508 this week. There were 5008 persons on payrolls of the Fraser-Brace Engineering Co. and about 500 on rolls of sub-contractors and the Government. Last week the total number of workers was 5330.
            Materials used in construction to date include 7,515,938 board feet of lumber; 180,366 tons of rock and 16,516 yards of concrete. 12 miles of standard-gauge railroad track have been laid and 31 miles of hard-surfaced road have been built. Supplies from 1459 railroad cars have been unloaded.
            Anticipating operation in September of the first units of the six TNT and two DNT production lines originally planned, grading has been started on a traffic relief highway on the reservation which will serve the area in which will be built the new production lines, plans for which under an expansion program recently were announced.
            The new hard-surfaced road, leading from U. S. Highway 61, will parallel the present principal entrance road for about a mile and a half and then will swing away from the vicinity of the original production lines for a distance of about two and a half miles. The original production lines will be surrounded by heavy fencing.
            Another currently important undertaking is the driving of a 300-foot tunnel six feet square through limestone beneath one of the important roads on the reservation to carry a water line from the five deep-driven wells which will provide water for the production lines [one or more lines missing]