Fridley page 92

[St. Charles Banner-News, no date]

Construction of 50 Buildings Started As Work On Project Gains Momentum.

            Work of constructing 50 frame buildings in which TNT will be manufactured and stored in the Weldon Spring area is being pushed forward rapidly, Maj. C. R. Dutton told the Banner-News today.
            Almost 1800 men are now employed in the area, constructing buildings and making roads connecting the many units, Maj. Dutton estimated. Construction work will continue long after production of TNT and DNT is started in September, he added.
            It was pointed out that a tremendous job remains to be done. Units of the plant are widely scattered as a safety measure. Old roads in the area are being abandoned in favor of new ones and the whole project is a beehive of activity.
            The working force in the area has been steadily increasing for the last several weeks. A number of local men have quit their regular jobs to take advantage of the better wages offered on the government project.