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[St. Charles Cosmos/St. Charles Monitor, April 14, 1941]

Farmers Discussed Government Action in TNT Land Deal

            Landowners who have not been paid for their property in the Weldon Springs TNT area met Saturday night at Weldon Spring and discussed conditions in general concerning the Governments refusal to pay the full option price. Another meeting has been called for Tuesday night at which time interested farmers will select counsel to represent them in court.

[St. Charles Daily Banner News, April 15, 1941]


            Unpaid farmers from the TNT area who wish to plan a cooperative defense of the condemnation suits filed in Federal Court by the War Department have been invited to attend a mass meeting at 8 o’clock tonight in Evangelical church hall at Weldon Spring.
            A number of farmers have expressed a desire to defend their own cases. Others wish to jointly employ counsel, paying proportionate shares of the costs.

[no source, April 16, 1941]

Groups of Unpaid Farmers in TNT Area May Hire Their Own Lawyers.

            Farmers who have not been paid for their land in the TNT area met Tuesday night at Weldon Spring, and discussed employing of counsel to represent them in the court fight.
            While no definite decision was reached it was understood various groups would employ their own counsel.
            The first of the 146 cases are scheduled to come up in the St. Louis Federal court early next month.

[St. Charles Banner-News, April 19, 1941]

Sociologist Says Only 81 Families Needed No Help In Re-Establishing Themselves.

            One hundred and thirteen of the 194 farm families displaced by army construction of a TNT plant at Weldon Springs required federal aid in finding new jobs or providing for their families, a government sociologist reported at Des Moines, Iowa, today.
            J. Edw. Losey of Milwaukee, federal sociologist, told a session of the fifth annual convention of the Midwest Sociological Society that only 81 families in the area needed no help in re-establishing themselves.

[St. Charles Cosmos/St. Charles Monitor, April 19, 1941]

Petition Asking TNT Roads Be Opened Asked Rescinded

            A petition asking the county court to remove names of seven of the eleven signers of the petition, asking that roads in the TNT area be thrown open, was filed with the county court this afternoon. Signers of the petition had no comment to make.

[St. Louis Star-Times, April 8, 1941]


            Declarations against approximately 3,350 acres of land for the TNT plant at Weldon Springs, Mo., were filed in United States District Court here yesterday by United States Attorney Harry C. Blanton. The declarations covered approximately seventy tracts of land and the government deposited in the registry of the court $186,999 to pay for the land. Separate suits will be filed against the owners of each of the seventy tracts included in the declarations and payment will be made to landowners out of the $186,999 after the suits are filed.

[St. Charles Cosmos/St. Charles Monitor, April 15, 1941]

Latest Declaration of Taking Filed Against [?] Landowners Confident [?] Spring TNT Area
Landowners Confident [?] Victory Will Hold Meeting Tonight At Weldon Spring

            Thirteen more declarations of “taking” were filed in the St. Louis Federal Court Monday where the Government offered $25,735 for 6 [?] acres of land in the TNT area, optioned to the government for $84,18 [?].
            The latest filings brought the total “taking” procedure to 90 with [?] more scheduled to be filed before the end of the week. The prices offered by the Government to the thirteen averages about $42 an acre, including improvements, while the option prices is slightly more than $136 per acre.
            While the Government is busy breaking contracts with the farmers the unpaid landowners are organizing and tonight at Weldon Spring will select their counsel to represent them in the court fight. Basing their hope on a similar case in which the Government tried to repudiate an option but was defeated in the higher courts, the land owners are confident of ultimate victory but are disturbed over the time it will require.
            The following “take” actions were filed Monday, John LaBlond, $200 [?]  for 12 acres, optioned for $810 [?] ; August Schemmer, $4,200 for [?] acres, optioned for $8,500; Ed. Martin, $930 for 31 acres, optioned for $3,060; Emma Mergenthal, $285 for one acre, optioned for $3,728; Arch Howell, $6,020 for 155.46 acres, optioned for $22,500; Irvin Roth, $456 [?] for 91 acres, optioned for $12,600; Louis Scott, $540 for 60 acres, optioned for $2,400; Louis Willedin [?] $1,800 for 5.22 acres, optioned for $4,000; Carrie Hoeckelmann, $4 [?] for 15.25 acres, optioned for $1,372. [?] Frank Edwards, $780 for one acre, optioned for $2,000; Harry Alme [?] $180 for 1.68 acres, optioned for $747; Helen Niermann, $2,200 for 10 [?] acres, optioned for $10,710; O. [?] Hampton, $800 for 59.04 acres, optioned for $4,462.50.