Fridley page 86

[St. Charles Daily Banner-News, April 14, 1941]

Declares That Trouble Was Brought On By Outsiders; Scores Those Who Talk “Politics”

            Unpaid farmers from the TNT plant area met at Evangelical hall at Weldon Springs Saturday night for an informative discussion and to hear Congressman Cannon. Another meeting will be held held Tuesday night when farmers will discuss the hiring of legal counsel.
            Cannon explained to the crowd of about 200 farmers that he had appeared before the Military Affairs Committee in Washington and that the body of 23 men had agreed that the War Department should honor the options signed in the area. He said that the War Department, however, seemed determined to go through with condemnation proceedings.
            It was pointed out that after every war there is an investigation to discover waste. After this war there will probably be an investigation. It is this probability, Congressman Cannon said, that prompted the War Department to take its present course.
            The Congressman declared that he believed the Government’s contracts with the farmers were binding and that even if payment to the farmers were very excessive, the War Department should not repudiate its contracts.
            In response to a question from the audience, Congressman Cannon said that the whole trouble was started by outsiders. At this point, Claude Muschany requested that the investigators be named. The Congressman declared that he believed the names of the outsiders were known to many and he didn’t care to deal in personalities.
            One man in the audience, who seemed perturbed, said loudly that he believed “we” need a change in government. The Congressman pointed out that in many countries in Europe, if the government wanted land, it would be taken and the owners would have small chance of getting anything.
            A large number of attorneys attended the meeting. One of them, a St. Louisan, shouted that perhaps the President would tell the farmers all about it in a fireside chat. To this remark, Congressman Cannon declared that any child knows that there are three branches of government. The president, who heads the executive branch, does not interfere in matters in the hands of courts, it was pointed out.
            Congressman Cannon, in response to other remarks made by attorneys and others, declared that it was mighty small to bring into the national defense program.