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[St. Charles Daily Banner-News, April 11, 1941]

Fischbach Brewing Co. And Georgia Mailloux Owners Of Land Involved.

            The Government yesterday took title to two more parcels of property which will be included in the site of the TNT plant at Weldon Springs by filing declarations of taking against the owners in Federal Court in St. Louis. This was the last of a series of 75 suits filed this week.
            The suits were against the Fischbach Brewing Company of St. Charles, owner of 1.74 acres, for which the government paid into court $1700, and Georgia M. Mailloux, owner of 97 acres, for which the government offered $1940.
            Title was immediately acquired by the government, but owners may file exceptions to the amounts offered.
            Other properties claimed this week were:
            Vincent Lonergan, 5.22 acres, $1040.
            Q. W. S. S. Realty Co., 365.51 acres, $15,280.
            Sam P. Hall, 9 acres, $720.
            Cecil Stewart, .42 acre, $2400.
            John T. Beatty, .98 acre, $100.
            Marvin Howell, 142.13 acres, $7,220.
            Chiles F. Stewart, 220.48 acres, $10,140.
            Grace Watson, 2 acres, $1560.
            James K. Muschany, 33.13 acres, $950.
            Daniel McDonald, 40 acres, $860.
            Mary Atterbery, 40 acres, $600.
            Clyde Tiedeman, 36 acre, $40.
            Theo. Lammert and others, 50.19 acres, $1280.
            Eltin Pitman, 12 acres, $3620.
            Richard and Hillary Schewmaker, no acreage stated, $1700.
            John Dieckmann, 122.97 acres, $8092.
            John Bowlin, 19.40 acres, $800.
            Anna Gerdiman and others, 61.44 acres, $2240.
            Sam Watson and others, [?] acres, $2560.
            Lydia Bechtold and others, 4.56 acres, $120.
            Wm. Kohler, 8 acres, $288.
            Sarah Bigelow, 10.36 acres, 800.
            Elizabeth Teeters and others, no acreage stated, $320.
            Harold White and others, 40 acres, $2680.
            Hodgen Bates and others, 28.23 acres, $1300.
            Iva Fox and others, 69 acres, $2880.
            Henry Keiser and others, 105.40 acres, $5640.
            Earl R. Sutton and others, 63.40 acres, $1480.
            John F. Johnson and others, 56 acres, $1680.
            Elsie Knippenberg, 2 lots in Howell, $560.
            Earl R. Sutton and others, 2 lots in Howell, $3140.
            Sam Cunningham, 33.33 acres, $920.
            Geo. Stevenson and others, 8 acres, $4980.
            Gilbert McKenney, 55.65 acres, $1400.
            Geo. Dugan and others, no acreage stated, $3380.
            T. M. Livergood, 40 acres, $615.
            J. G. Jones, Jr., 19.75 acres, $800.
            C. R. and Otto Karrenbrock, 8.8 acres, $3360.

[St. Charles Cosmos-Monitor, April 18, 1941]

Federal Agency Options 59.000 Acres of Farm Land in Missouri.

            To provide land for farm families displaced by the construction of the Weldon Spring ordnance plant in St. Charles County and by other defense construction projects, the Farm Security Administration announced today that it has taken options on 59,000 acres of farm land in Missouri.
            Tentative plans call for the subdivision of the land into family-sized units, P. G. Beck, regional FSA director, said.
            He estimated that 103 families have forced to move because of the construction of the Weldon Spring plant, 304 by the construction of Fort Leonard Wood camp in Pulaski and Texas counties, and thirty by the construction of the Lake City small arms plant in Jackson County near Kansas City, making a total of 437 farm families displaced.
            Although not all the families are in immediate need of land, Beck said, all will be affected by their moving and eventually will have difficulty in securing new land because of the shortage of farm lands in Missouri. Beck estimated that last year 619 Missouri families had to quit farming because they could not get land.
            Actual purchase of the optioned land will depend upon actual needs, authority from the federal government and prices at which the land can be purchased.
            Beck said the FSA is attempting to meet the immediate needs of the displaced families by supplying information on farms and houses for rent or sale, by assisting families which cannot relocate in holding joint sales of equipment and livestock, and by offering special grants and loans to finance moving.