Fridley page 84

[St. Charles Cosmos/St. Charles Monitor, April 10, 1941]

Private Meeting Will Be Held Saturday Night at Weldon Spring for Unpaid Owners
Amounts Being Paid Into Court Amount To About One-Fourth of Option Price of Land

            With forty-five more “declarations of taking” being filed in the St. Louis Federal Court Wednesday, bringing the total to 79, farmers in the TNT area who have not been paid for their land, plan to hold a private meeting Saturday night at which counsel to defend them will be selected.
            The defense will be based on the validity of the contract and if the court rules against the property owners then the value of the land would be decided. However the contracts are expected by many to stand up in court and the Government, in that case, would have to pay off the full option price.
            The amount deposited in Federal Court for the land runs about one-fourth of the amount the tracts were optioned for. The prices are too low and do not represent a fair value.
            Following are the owners of the land, acreage and prices deposited:
            Vincent Lonergan, 5.22 acres, $1040.
            Q. W. S. S. Realty Co.,  365.51 acres, $15,280.
            Sam P. Hall, 9 acres, $720.
            Cecil Stewart .42 acre, $2400.
            John T. Beatty, .98 acre, $100.
            Marvin Howell, 142.13 acres, $7,220
            Chiles F. Stewart, 220.48 acres, $10,140.
            Grace Watson, 2 acres, $1560.
            James K. Muschany 33.33 acres, $950.
            Daniel McDonald, 40 acres, $860.
            Mary Atterberry, 40 acres, $600.
            Clyde Tiedemann, .36 acre, $40.
            Theo. Lammert and others, 50.19 acres, $1280.
            Eltin Pitman, 12 acres, $3620.
            Richard and Hillary Shewmaker, no acreage stated, $1700.
            John Dieckmann, 122.97 acres, $8092.
            John Bowlin, 19.40 acres, $800.
            Anna Gerdiman and others, 61.44 acres, $2240.
            Sam Watson and others, 56.04 acres, $2560.
            Lydia Bechtold and others, 4.56 acres, $120.
            Wm. Kohler, 8 acres, $288.
            Sarah Bigelow, 10.36 acres, $800.
            Elizabeth Teeters and others, no acreage stated,  $320.
            Harold White and others, 40 acres, $2600. [?]
            Hodgen Bates and others, 28.23 acres, $1800.
            Iva Fox and others, 69 acres, $2880.
            Henry Keiser and others,  105.40 acres, $5640.
            Earl R. Sutton and others, 63.40 acres, $1480.
            John F. Johnson and others, 56 acres, $1680.
            Elsie Knippenberg, 2 lots in Howell,  $560.
            Earl R. Sutton and others, 2 lots in Howell,  $3140.
            Sam Cunningham, 33.33 acres, $920.
            Geo. Stevenson and others, 8 acres, $4980.
            Gilbert McKenney, 55.65 acres, $1400.
            Geo. Dugan and others, no acreage stated,  $3380.
            T. M. Livergood, 40 acres, $615.
            J. G. Jones, Jr.,  19.75 acres, $800.
            C. R. and Otto Karrenbrock, 80.8 acres, $3360.

            Members of the landowners committee met Wednesday night at the court house here and discussed conditions in general concerning the Governments actions.
            The committee was particularly appreciative of the support given the cause by the press and moved that the editorial published in Wednesday’s issue of the Cosmos-Monitor be placed in the hands of the Committee of Military Affairs and the Missouri representatives in Washington.