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[St. Charles Cosmos/St. Charles Monitor, April 8, 1941]

Five Cases Filed Mon. In Federal Court With Average of Dozen A Day Expected
Government Offers Only $300 For 20 Acres Land and House As Compromise

            Prices the Government is paying into the courts in the “taking of land” from farmers of the TNT area, have been described as ridiculously low by interested individuals.
            Yesterday $186,999 was paid into the registry of the Federal Court in St. Louis where declarations of taking against approximately 3500 acres of land in the ordnance plant area. The average price per acre was about $55.
            Separate suits are being filed against each of the 75 tracts included in the declarations of taking and title to the land will not pass the government until the separate actions are brought by the United States District Attorney Harry C. Blanton.
            Five of the separate declarations were filed Monday and others will be filed on an average of about a dozen a day, Blanton said.
            Following are the owners, acreage, amounts paid in court and the amounts of the options: Emily Estelle Blize, two acres, $780, optioned for $3200; Fred and Hilda Mound, 68 acres, $2580, optioned for $8650; Carrie Hamm, as trustee for Eleanor Marie Hamm, a minor, 20 acres, $300, optioned for $960; Charles B. and Susie Portwood, 49.45 acres, $1900, optioned for $4100; Anne C. and Grittrell Friedley, ot in Hambrg, $300, optioned for $850. All of the above pieces of property have homes on them before the government stepped in.
            It was understood the defense in the cases will concern the validity of the contract.

[St. Charles Cosmos/St. Charles Monitor, April 9, 1941]

Thirty-Four Tracts Have Been Acquired Through Declarations of Taking So Far
Prices Government Offering People for Land Said to Be Far Below Actual Value.
            Title to twenty-three more tracts of land in the TNT area were acquired Tuesday by the Government when declarations of taking were filed in the St. Louis Federal Court. The total now acquired by the Government has been increased to 34 with 112 tracts still to be accounted for.
            The first case is scheduled to be brought into court early next month since the property owners are allowed time to file exceptions to the Government’s offer. If the amount deposited in court is not satisfactory, the cases will go to trial.
            Parties from whom the Government is attempting to acquire the land at reportedly ridiculously low figures, indicated they would make their case on the validity of the original contract with the Government, in which they optioned their land for specified sums.
             The Government is offering figures far below the actual value of the land, those who know land values, stated.
            The owners, acreage and amounts paid into court yesterday are:
            Mr. and Mrs. William Zeyen, .43 acres, $780.
            Thomas Livergood, 6.2 acres, $4200.
            Mr. and Mrs. Osmund Haenssler, 33 acres, $1320.
            John Dixon, lot in Howell, $500.
            Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kessler, 30 acres, $2420.
            Elsie Knippenberg, lot in Howell, $1300.
            Julia Castlio, 48.54 acres, $1700.
            John W. Miller, 260.70 acres, $11,350.
            Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Daniels, three acres, $360.
            Joseph Chandler and others, one-half acre, $200.
            Masonic Home of Missouri, 61 acres, $2280.
            Morris Muschany and others, two lots in Howell, $480.
            Addie M. Sutton and others, 129.76 acres, $5360.
            Ella Treisch, 45.51 acres, $2728.
            Mr. and Mrs. J. Karl Muschany, 40 acres, $2611.
            Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mozgva, 12.60 acres, $2400.
            Mr. and Mrs. George Hackmann, 141.20 acres, $8680.
            Henry Keiser and others, 165.60 acres, $5640.
            Helen Hollander and others, 6431 acres, $2960.
            Mr. and Mrs. Claude E. Muschany, six lots in Howell and 55.75 acres, $8320.
            Mr. and Mrs. Walter Cunningham, 33.33 acres, $735.
            Louis Nicolai, 24.35 acres. $3000.

[St. Charles Cosmos/St. Charles Monitor, April 11, 1941]

Action Against Two Filed in St. Louis Federal Court Thursday.

            Title to two more tracts of land in the TNT area, bringing the total to 81, were taken Thursday by the Government when declarations of taking were filed in the St. Louis Federal court.
            The suits were against the Fischbach Brewing Company of St. Charles, owners of 1.74 acres, for which the government paid into court, $1700 and Georgia M. Mallioux, owner of 97 acres, for which the government offered $1940.