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[no source, April 1, 1941]

April 1, 1941
Senator Leaves Hurriedly Yesterday Following Word Son Had Undergone Operation.

            Senator Bennett Champ Clark, meeting in St. Louis yesterday afternoon with a committee of unpaid land owners from the TNT area, halted the conference and departed hurriedly for Columbia after receiving word that his son, Champ, had undergone an emergency operation for appendicitis.
            The farmers had gone to Hotel Mayfair to confer with the Senator relative to payments for land in the TNT area optioned and occupied by the government.
            The Senator said the physician reported his son, a freshman at the University of Missouri, was in good condition following the appendectomy.
            Senator Clark had previously accepted an invitation to address a meeting of the unpaid land owners in Evangelical church hall at Weldon Springs at three o’clock yesterday afternoon. Circuit Clerk Earl R. Sutton, a member of the committee, received word early yesterday afternoon that the Senator could not attend because he was ill.
Suits Are Filed
            As the committee met with Senator Clark yesterday, about 250 people gathered at Weldon Spring to attend the scheduled meeting with the Senator. The committee, it seems, did not have time to call off the mass meeting.
            The crowd of farmers, formerly of the TNT plant area, milled about on Highway 94 for three hours before returning to their homes.
            While the Senator spoke with the committee yesterday, Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson was filing notice of taking of the property of five of the unpaid landowners in the United States District Court at St. Louis. Checks representing what the War Department believed was “just compensation” for the land were deposited with the court.
[one or more lines missing] 10 acres of Grover Silvey; $7604 for the 170 acres of Dr. and Mrs. O. L. Snyder; $3860 for the 94 acres of Merta Calloway; $9120 for the 161 acres of Tarlton Woodson, and $5100 for the 52 acres of Mr. and Mrs. George C. Willson.
            The government had options to purchase for $109,768 the five tracts for which it deposited the $27,559 with the court. Individual option prices were Silvey, $5,000; Snyder, $30,395; Calloway, $10,888; Woodson, $31,485; and Willson, $32,000.
            Morris Muschany, a member of the committee which visited the Senator, said; “People out there are getting riled up and downright hostile.” He urged speed in paying for the land.