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United States Attorney Plans Action Late Today or Monday

            Condemnation suits are being prepared against owners of three tracts of land in the TNT plant area near Weldon Spring, St. Charles County, it was announced by United States Attorney Harry C. Blanton. The petitions will be filed late today or Monday.
            The suits are the first to be filed against owners of the 146 parcels of land. Blanton announced he received authorization from the War and Justice Departments to prepare the first suits against Tarlton Woodson, owner of 160 acres; Oscar Snyder, owner of 170 acres, and Grover Cleveland Silvey, 10 acres.
            The Government decided the option price on the 146 tracts was too high. R. Newton McDowell, Kansas City contractor, was agent for the War Department in taking options on 16,300 acres of land in the tract.

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By Washington University [?] Will Receive her A. [?]  Degree in June.

            Miss Myrl Nadeane Snyder [?] Lindenwood student, has been awarded a two-hundred dollar scholarship for graduate work at Washington University. She will [?] her A. B. degree in June.
            While at Lindenwood Miss Snyder was a member of Beta Pi  [?]  pha Sigma Tau, Sigma Tau [?] Pi Alpha Delta, the Poetry [?] and the Choir. During the [?] semester this year she be [?] member of the Washington [?] of Eta Sigma Phi, national [?] organization.
            The scholarship she has [?] is a Van Blarcom award to [?] for graduate work in the [?] English. Miss Snyder is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Snyder, 1037 Madison street.

[no source, August 11, 1941]

TNT Ingredient Plant Will be Built at Wood [?]

            The Shell Oil Company has [?] ed a contract for construction [?] large new plant at its Wood [?] Ill., refinery to be used for m [?] turing toluene, a basic ingre [?] the explosive TNT, officers [?] ed yesterday at New York.
            The plant will have an [?] capacity of 4,000,000 gall [?] enough for 40,000,000 pou [?] TNT and will double the ou [?] two other similar plants of [?] company at Houston, Tex., one o [?] has been completed and th [?] started.
            The three plants, planned [?] tional defense purposes, wi [?] sent an investment of mo [?] $3,000,000, officers stated.