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Federal Man Visited TNT Area Thursday
McDowell Said Ewing Wright is Here to Get Appraisers Verdict.

            The investigation of land purchases in the TNT area by the Department of Justice is nearing completion, it was learned today.
            Ewing Wright, a federal investigator, and an associate spent more than four hours in the area Thursday afternoon. Wright would not reveal his mission. R. Newton McDowell, land optioner, was also in the area but did not come in contact with Wright.
            McDowell revealed federal agents were here three weeks ago and went over his records from top to bottom. McDowell said the land appraisers are nearing completion of their work and Wright is here to get their verdict.

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Kansas City Title Man Said Option Prices Will Be Paid To Everyone As Previously Agreed
Southeast Missouri Man Went to High Court to Collect $31,000 Option Price from Government

            The investigation by the Department of Justice of TNT land sales will not affect the amounts people are to receive for the land, C. H. Ewald, who is in charge of the Kansas City Title Company office here, announced today.
            Ewald said a similar case occurred in Southeast Missouri when a tract of land was optioned by the Government, but an effort was made later to condemn the property for a lesser amount. The case however stood up in the United States Supreme Court.
            Ewald said the total purchase price for the optioned land would amount to $2,593,277 and not $3,000,000 as was previously stated. In addition the Government will give the Ajax Pipe Line Company between $300,000 and $400,000 for moving their property outside of the area.
            Ewald revealed $1,073,802 for 6729 acres and 19 town lots for 121 of the 268 parcels of land had already been paid. The assessed value of the 268 parcels is $350,000 which is about thirty-five or forty per cent of the actual value of the land. Checks amounting to $370,921 for 25 parcels of land are being held up because of the Government probe.
            R. Newton McDowell, Kansas [one or more lines missing]