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[no source, December 1940]

[handwritten: Dec. 1940]
Residents And Those Having Business To Transact To Be Given Passes.

From Wednesday’s Daily:
            Highway 94 through the TNT area was barricaded against sightseers this morning as first efforts were launched to “control traffic.” Guards were stationed to enforce an order limiting the use of the highway to only those who have business to transact.
            Barricades were erected on Highway 94 at its junction with Daniel Boone Highway near Weldon Spring and at a point three miles south of Hamburg. Residents of the area will be given passes good for two weeks and these may be renewed from time to time. Persons living in Defiance, Augusta, St. Charles, etc., who because of business activities must use the highway, are also being issued passes.
            It was pointed out by Capt. Dutton that this measure is only for the purpose of controlling traffic and that the ruling will not cause residents of the area any inconvenience.

[no source, December 20, 1940]

Thirty Miles of Wire Fence Seven Feet High to be Built
[handwritten: Dec 20 1940]
Around the TNT Plant Enclosure Fifty-Two Guards on Duty

            Construction of about 30 miles of cyclone wire fence around the entire TNT area will be started next week, Capt. C. R. Dutton of the Ordnance Department said last night.
            The fence will be seven feet high and will be topped with three strands of barbed wire to “discourage intruders.”
            A crew of 52 guards, under the captaincy of Sheriff Joseph Borgmeyer will patrol the area and guard the gates 24 hours a day.
            Construction of the plant proper should get under way between Christmas and New Year’s, the delay now being in the final selection of the site by the Atlas Powder Company. The Atlas Company is making a careful study of the contour of the ground to determine the best possible location.
            When plant construction gets going about 3000 men will be employed. It was estimated by Capt. Dutton that 2000 men will be employed in the plant to manufacture the TNT.

[no source, no date]

Expected Back From Washington Tomorrow; Construction Work On TNT Area Fence Started.

From Wednesday’s Daily:
            Capt. C. R. Dutton, who is in charge of activities in the TNT area near Weldon Spring, is expected back in his office at Howell tomorrow. He has been in Washington, D. C., attending conferences on area problems.
            Construction of the 7-foot fence which will circumvent the area has progressed rather rapidly. Workmen several days ago started setting posts along highway 61, starting at a point nearest Wentzville. Along the top of the fence will be strung several strands of barbed wire.
            There have been no recent additions to the working forces in the area, the plans for the plants [one or more lines missing]