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The First Checks Were Given to Clem Martin and Mrs. Jacob Schneider on Thursday
$92.00 PER ACRE
Paid the Schneiders for 84 Acres and $80.00 Per Acre to Martin for 61 Acres

            First settlement for the purchase of land in the TNT area by the United States Government was made here Thursday when checks were delivered to Clem Martin and Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Schneider by the Kansas City Title Insurance Company.
            Settlement with the land owners in the area is expected to swing along in a faster tempo until every one of the more than 200 have been paid off in full.
            Martin, a single man, sold his 60 acres of the land along Highway 61 for $4800 and will probably move across the highway, which is outside of the area. He received $80 per acre but had to pay the five per cent commission to R. Newton McDowell and one and one half per cent for clearance of the title.
            The Schneider family sold an 84 1-6 acre tract, located near Toonerville for $7,712.00 which is almost $92 an acre. The Schneiders will move to Lincoln County to resume farming.
            After the checks are received here the commissions and back taxes are taken out and the amount of the 1941 taxes places in escrow, pending an option from the United States Attorney General whether or not the property owner will have to pay the 41 taxes.
            C. E. Ewald of the title company said the people would be notified in due time when their checks arrived. The parties will be contacted personally by the Kansas City Title Insurance Company and no other agency, he stated.
            One family from the area was looking for a place in St. Charles where they could keep a cow, which supplies milk for their three children.
            Another family was seeking a place with an attic or basement where they could store a large quan- [one or more lines missing]