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Two Structures In Hamburg Leveled to Ground As Laying of Rail Line Is Pushed
Only Two Families Still Living In Town With Almost Two Score of Families Moved

            With every effort being made to begin work on the TNT plant construction by January 24, old sights familiar to residents of the area are fast fading from view.
            Last week a building formerly used for a bank and a garage graced the main street of Hamburg, but today they are leveled to the ground to make way for the railroad spur into the area.
            Hamburg is practically a ghost town, only two of the three dozen families still living there. The others have already moved to their new homes and within a short time the last families will vacate the area.
            The bank building, recently used by a doctor for his office and the town’s garage, were in the path selected for the railroad spur. The contractor sub-let the work of tearing down the building and several score of men went to work in earnest, completing the job Sunday.
            The railroad is being given preference over everything in its way. Several large hills have been graded through to provide passage for the tracks of the “steam” monsters. The line will be laid from Hamburg to near Howell where the plant will be located.
            Speed in completing the line is essential as majority of the material to be used in construction of the 300 buildings will be brought in by rail.
            Work of tearing down other buildings in Hamburg will begin soon and the once popular county community will vanish into the past, leaving only a memory.