(An American Tragedy)

Donald K. Muschany



     I have spoken about the quilt pattern and the finished fabric that was woven by the many families that were my neighbors. I am positive that each family recalls many interesting events that took place in its lifetime; however, there may be some families that will not have the opportunity to publish their accounts as I have with mine. ALL of these people, especially those which are deceased, should be remembered. I will not attempt to pay an adequate tribute, but it is with a thankful heart that I recall the good and gracious influence of these fine people, their love and devotion to their families and communities, knowing that many lives have been enriched and dignified by knowing them . . . . . I shall remember.
     I realize the hazard in mentioning names from memory, especially going back some thirty-five years and remembering families, but I am willing to try. I believe these families were residents of the area in 1940. 1 apologize for any omissions, but trust you will forgive me. Let us remember.

     William and Bertha Andrews, Huegh Archer, Ike Ashby.
     Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Bacon and family; Othaniel Bacon; Hodgen Bates; William Bates; Lydia Bechtold and family; Mrs. Henry Behrings; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Berghaus and Ruth; Frank Beyl; Mrs. Annie Bigelow; Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bine and Joe, Matt, Tony, Steve, Kathryn, Annie; Mr. and Mrs. Tony and Mildred Bine and family; Stella Blize and Waunita and Roy; Mrs. Louis Boekle and family; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Boerding and Ray; Roland and Helen Boone; Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Bowman; Mrs. Tina Bowman; Mr. and Mrs. William Brandt and son; Mr. and Mrs. Jake Burgmeister and family.
     Miss Mertie Callaway; Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Castlio and family; Mr. and Mrs. Dwight and Mabel Castlio and Frances; Mr. and Mrs. Mark Connolly and family; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cunningham; Mr. and Mrs. Walker Cunningham and Forest, Lonnie and Ray.
     Henry Dieckman; Herman and Wahneta Dieckman and family; Gordon and Ruth Dixon and family; Mr. and Mrs. John Dixon and family.
     Phillip and Wreathe Ebert and family; Rudolph and Carrie Ebert.
     Gus Fuchs and Family; Howard Fulkerson, Nell Fulkerson, and Mary Ross, Robert and Leora Fulkerson; Courrier and Inez Fridley, and Ralph, Arlie, Ray, Lavon and LaVerna; Girt and Anne Fridley; A. R. and Frieda Fricke.
     Mr. and Mrs. William Geidiman and sons; Mr. and Mrs. Martin Greive; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gross.
     George and Ida Hackman and family; Mr. and Mrs. John Hanne; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Henderson; Mrs. Earl Hofman; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hollander and family; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hollenbeck; Richard “Dick” Holtsclaw; Mr. and Mrs. Arch and Elsie Howell and Dede; Marvin Howell and Preech Howell; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Huffmeier and family.
     Mr. and Mrs. Mike Jost and family.
     William and Grace Kaut; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Keiser; Henry Keiser; Emma Keithly; Leonard and Bettie Kessler, and Corrine, Ruth, Lillian and David; Arch and Martha Kneemiller; Elsie Knippenberg and Evelyn; Mr. and Mrs. William Kohler and family.
Mr. and Mrs. John L. LaRowe and family; Thomas Livergood; Mr. and Mrs Daniel Laycock and family.
     Henry and Hattie Mades; Theodore and Leona Mades; William and Delia Mades; Martin Brothers; Mr. and Mrs. Merx Martin and family, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mattie (Mette) and family; Mr. and Mrs. Andie Mengenthal; Mr. and Mrs. John Moellering, and Mildred and Bud; Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mound; Mr. and Mrs. Venerable Mound and family; Claude and Hester Muschany, and Norman and James Claude; Karl and Vera Muschany; Jane Ann and James “Buddie”; Morris and Nell Muschany and Don; William Muschany, Edward Muschany and Louis Muschany.
     Linton and Vesta “Doll” McCormick, and Chappie and Beverely; Gilbert and Rose McKinney; Henry McRoberts.
     Mr. and Mrs. John Nichols; Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Nierman and family.
     Mr. and Mrs. George Peters; George Pfarr and sister Anna; Dennis and Maydell Pitman and Vera; Elton and Maude Pitman, and Virgil, Bud and Tig; Frank Pitman; Charles and Susan Portwood, and Bertha and Ralph; Frank and Madeline Post and family; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Post.
     Emil Reichter; Martin and Ruby Reinwald; William Rogers; Irvin and Frieda Roth and family; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ruebling and family.
     Mr. and Mrs. Grover Sanderson and Tim and Jule; Mrs. Alma Schierbaum and Emmet and Clifford; Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Schierbendrein and Josephine; Mr. and Mrs. Walter Schiermeier; Mr. and Mrs. Andre Schlote; Adam and Hulda Schneider and Hannah; Mr. and Mrs. Clem Schneider and family; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schneider and family; Mr. and Mrs. Jake Schneider and family; Ted and Myrtle Schneider; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schulte; Mr. and Mrs. August “Gus” Schulte; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schulte; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schweitzer; Mr. and Mrs. Elroy Schweitzer; Louis Scott; Julia Seib; Theodore and Anna Seib; Grover and Mamie Silvey; Ralph and Bertha Singleton; Curtis and Olive Snyder; Mayburn and Myrtle Snyder and Lorraine and Nadine; Dr. Oscar L. and Viola Snyder; Allie Stevenson and Marie Stevenson; Cecil and Frank Stewart; John and Addie Stewart and family; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Stumberg and family; Earl and Edna Sutton and Ralph, Earl, and Barbara; Ralph Sutton; Vernon and Daisy Sutton; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sudbrock; Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Thiele and family; Mr. and Mrs. Austin Thomas; Ella Treisch.
     Mr. and Mrs. William Uhlmansiek and Wilbert.
     Mr. and Mrs. Vogelsang.
     Louis and Lyte Wackher and Kenneth; Samuel and Agnes Watson and family; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wehmeier and family; Frank and Mary Williams and family; George Wilson.
     Glen and Lillian Yahn and family.
     Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Zeyen; William and Eulah Zeyen and Helen, Dorothy, Rolla and Thomas.

     Recalling these individuals and what each meant to me has delighted my mind and had a healing effect on my emotions. The present can be made more intelligible if it is viewed against the background of the past. The past and our memory of it, always affects our action, and our lives are filled with milestones.

                         Vain transitory splendours! could not all
                         Reprieve the tottering mansion from its fall?
                         Obscure it sinks, nor shall it more impart
                         An hour’s importance to the poor man’s heart,
                         Thither no more the peasant shall repair
                         To sweet oblivion of his daily care;
                         No more the farmer’s news, the barber’s tale,
                         No more the woodman’s ballad shall prevail,
                         No more the smith his dusky brow shall clear,
                         Relax his ponderous strength and lean to hear;
                         The host himself no longer shall be found
                         Careful to see the mantling bliss go round;
                         Nor the coy maid, half willing to be pressed,
                         Shall kiss the cup to pass it to the rest ……

                         Down, down they sink, and spread a ruin round.

                                                                      By Oliver Goldsmith
                                                                          Published in 1894