Owner: John Henry Dieckmann
1940 Census: John H. Dieckmann, age 63, farmer
                         Ella Dieckmann, age 55
                         Viola, age 25, farm work
                         Lucinda, age 23, waitress - school
                         Ernst, age 20
Location: 695485  4281436 (newer house on Highway 94)
               695435  4282187 (older house on Lost Valley Trail)
Acreage: 122.97
Contract price: $15,375
Property condemned on April 9, 1941
Condemnation price: $8,092
Today: 3 cisterns, several foundations of newer house; mound at older house

In 1940, as a driver from Hamburg approached  the Muschany 
Hollow Road corner, he would pass within a stone's throw of 
the J. Henry Dieckmann home on Highway 94.  Mr. Dieckmann, 
or Heinich as he was nicknamed, was a successful farmer who 
raised corn, wheat, oats, and hogs.  Turning north onto the 
Mushany Hollow Road, the drive would pass one of Dieckmann's
                                                                                                        barns on his right.  In the fall of 1940, posters advertising a circus
                                                                                                        in St. Louis covered its walls. 

The farm's older home