William, Sr., and Anna Gerdiman
Owners: Anna Gerdiman, George F. Gerdiman, Gus Gerdiman,
Edwin F. Gerdiman, Elizabeth Buenger, William Gerdiman,
Anna Marie Brassel, and Ben Gerdiman
1940 Census: George Gerdiman, age 57, farmer
                         Mrs. Anna Gerdiman (mother), age 78
Location: 697187  4284013 (cistern)
     The house was located to the west of the cistern where Highway 94 is now situated.
Acreage: 78.56
Contract price: $6,000
Property condemned on April 7, 1941
Condemnation price: $2,240
Today: cistern, trash in ravine

In 1940, Anna Gerdiman lived here with her son George.  Her husband, William, had died in November, 1939.

Gustave Gerdiman at cistern noted above

 Louise, Gustave's wife, beside the house