Owner: Theodore Seib
1940 Census: Theodore Seib, age 66, storekeeper
                         Anna Seib, age 64
                         Emma Mades, age 65, lodger
Location: 697370  4282531
Acreage: 0.50
Contract price: $10,000
Property sold on January 16, 1941
Today: concrete cistern

Seib had recently begun construction of the "H. J. Seib Sub Division" on his property.  It consisted of two brick faced cottages on the property's second lot.  There are no property inventories for these structures.

For a view of Hamburg that includes the area of the Seibs's house, click here.
Theodore and Anna Seib

The Seib home with the Adam Schneider home on the right.
Another view of the same two homes
One of the cottages