Owner: Peter H. Zeyen
Location: 697359  4282591
Acreage: 0.20
Contract price: $3,700
Property sold on February 6, 1941

There were lighted horseshoe pits just to the south of Zeyen's house.  For a view of Hamburg which includes this home, click here.  For another view in the opposite direction, click here.

The map incorrectly places D-291 on the west side of the road.  The 1946 tract register created in conjunction with the map indicates that the legal description of the property "appears to be in error."  D-291 was located on the right side of the road, between D-306 and D-307.  Close examination of the photographs of the structures on these three properties confirms this location.  This location was also confirmed in 2009 interviews with a former Hamburg resident who was twenty-two in 1940.

In Piano Man, James D. Shacter's 1975 biography of Ralph Sutton, the jazz pianist says (p.13): "We used to play country dances . . . In addition to Dad and me, we had a cello, a guitar, and a bass fiddle.  Shortly before Dad organized the band, I played in an outfit that won second prize in an old fiddler's contest in the Woodman Hall above the IGA store in Hamburg.  That group included a fiddler named Currier Fridley and my great-uncle Pete [Zeyen] on cello.  I can't remember who the others were, but there was probably a banjo and a guitar.  Each of us got $1.75 in the contest, and that was the first money I ever made in the music business."