Owners: Frank A. and Layton Beyl
Location: 697170  4282972
Acreage: 0.50
Contract price: $2,360
Property sold on January 31, 1941

D-287 is incorrectly located on the map.  This conclusion is based on the following information: 1) The location of D-287 on the map is in a steep ravine several hundred feet away from a road, but the photograph indicates fairly level ground adjacent to a road; 2) The photograph of Hamburg in 1940 (click here) clearly shows this house next to the road at the right of the photo; 3) A former resident of Hamburg, who was twenty-two in 1940, stated in a 2009 interview that this building was an unfinished house being built by Frank Beyl, and the property inventory states the house belonged to Beyl and was not finished, so the photo and inventory are correctly identified as belong to the Beyls.  Tract D-287 should be further to the northwest, adjacent to D-285 on its southern edge.