Owner: Anna C. Sudbrock
1940 Census: Mrs. Anna C. Sudbrock, age 43
                         Erma, age 11
Location: 697254  4283326
Acreage: 1.00
Contract price: $3,500
Property sold on January 16, 1941
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Today: open cistern, daffodils, grape hyacinth, concrete step, house foundation stones. 


                    50th birthday party for Mrs. Herbert Yahn (Anna Marie Yahn) about 1932
L to R Front: Laura (Yahn) Parsons, Bessie Sutton and son Glen, Louella (Zeyen) Brockmire, Myrtle (Zeyen) Schneider, Mrs. Herbert Yahn and Wilma Ottoborn, Mrs. George Ottoborn, Hulda (Schneider) Kampmann, Ella (Beyl) Yahn.
L to R Middle: Ruby (Marsh) Reinwald, Lola (Yahn) Perlot, Naomi (Marsh) Roth, Isabell (Mades) Dwiggins
L to R Back: Hulda (Bates) Marsh, Hilda (Mades) Zeyen, Emma (Zeyen) Mergenthal, Emma (Wackher) Mades, Mrs. Henry Griewing.  Man in doorway is honoree's son, John Herbert "Bud" Yahn

Front steps today