D-260, D-304, and D-305

Waldo Muschany
Owner: Mary M. Schneider
1940 Census: (D-260)  Waldo Muschany, age 52, carpenter
                                         Corrie Muschany, age 42
                                         Helen, age 19, waitress
                                         Wilbert, age 17
                                         Margie, age 15
                                         Kenneth, age 13
                                         Herbert, age 10
                                         Nancy, age 8
                                         Ralph Brockmire, age 28, towboat captain - river transport
                                         Luella Brockmire, age 26
                                         Richard, age 5
                                         Margaret Ann, 1
                                         Peter Zeyen (Luella's father), age 63, carpenter
Location: 696716  4282829 (D-260)
Acreage: 119.07  (D-260)  All four structures pictured were located on D-260.  The bottom two houses pictured were on Highway 94.  The house which is lacking a property inventory was located in tract D-291.  This is incorrectly identified as Peter Zeyen's property (see note on D-291).
                  3.35  (D-304)
                  3.24  (D-305)
Contract price: $14,620
Property condemned on June 16, 1941
Cemetery: Schneider
Today: daffodils near barn depression (D-260)

Waldo Muschany lived here in 1940.

To view a photo of Hamburg which includes these two homes, click here.  For another view in the opposite direction, click here.
Ralph Brockmire lived here in 1940.