D-212 and D-213

Owners: John F. Johnson, Nancy Abigail Seitz Walter, Esther Bacon Goehrs, Nettie Bacon Ferguson, Henry Bacon, Andrew Bacon, Charles Bacon, Jesse Bacon, Robert Bacon, Henry Rickard, John Rickard, Charles Rickard, William Rickard, May Rickard Wardenburg, Effie Rickard Kelpe, Margaret Rickard Folker, Raymond Eatherton, Clarence Eatherton, Walker E. Eatherton, Ruby E. Schenk, Ralph Eatherton, Johnson Eatherton, James Eatherton, Mary Adelia Johnson Bacon, Harvey E. Bacon, and William Harvey Bacon
Location: 692519  4284008
Acreage: 104.00 (D-212)
                56.00 (D-213)
Contract price: $2,590 (D-212)
                        $1,400 (D-213)
Property condemned on April 9 (D-213) and June 24 (D-212), 1941
Condemnation price: $1,680 (D-212)
Today: bricks, concrete, trash