Owner: Mertia Callaway
Location: under Lake 33 in Busch C. A.
Acreage: 94.68
Contract price: $10,888.20
Property condemned on March 31, 1941
Condemnation price: $3,860

Fritz and Joe Schulte, who lived nearby, leased this land for agricultural purposes.  By 1940, the house had not been used for many years.

After condemnation proceedings began, Mertia Callaway sent a telegram to Eleanor Roosevelt, asking her "to see if you can induce the government to pay me.  My 94 acre farm embraced in the TNT plant project is my whole patrimony and was inherited from my pioneer ancestor, F. H. Stewart.  It was a sad experience to sell land that was the hunting ground and home neighborhood of my great-great-grandfathers, Daniel Boone and James Callaway.  Notwithstanding the sentiment I was willing to sell for promotion of our national defense.  The War Department has contracted to buy my land and I have delivered the deed.  Nevertheless, the War Department refuses to pay the stipulated price and threatens condemnation.  I work for my living when my health permits, but now I have no resources other than this property."