A-24, A-25, and A-48

Owner: John W. Miller
1940 Census: A-25 Otto Phillips, age 54, farmer
                                   Myrtle Phillips, age 46
                                   J. W. Miller (Myrtle's father), age 75
Location: A-24  The house was on Miller School Road
               A-25  The Missouri Bluffs clubhouse was built on the site of this house.
               There were no structures on A-48.
Acreage: 260.0 (A-24 and A-25); 32.51 (A-48)
Contract price: $45,600 (A-24 and A-25); $14,400 (A-48)
Property condemned on April 8, 1941 (A-24 and A-25) and sold on January 17, 1941 (A-48)
Condemnation price: $11,350
Cemetery: Gebhard (Miller)
Today: Remains at A-24 of two concrete fence posts at 700234  4287181.  From there follow the current tree line south to find two pairs of similar concrete fence posts on each side of a lane.  This lane probably connected the farm to the road.

John W. Miller died before the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the landowners' suit, so he never received his money for A-24 and A-25; it was given to his heirs: Earl M. Miller, Myrtle M. Phillips, Ethel L. Duffy, and Hazel M. Huge.