A-13 and A-27

Owners: Frank W. Keiser, Bertha Keiser, Otilla Laura Brandt, Emma Mary Keiser, and Dora Keiser
1940 Census: Emma Keiser, age 54, farmer
                         Dora Keiser (sister), age 51 farmer
Location: 699891  4286014  four concrete fence posts, two on each side of the bridge  (A-27)
               700140  4285632  six concrete fence posts (A-27)
               700047  4285909  (A-27)
               no structures on A-13
Acreage: 165.60
Contract price: $13,900
Property condemned on April 8, 1941
Condemnation price: $5,640
Today: fence posts, probably cistern, concrete floor of outbuilding