A-10, A-40, A-41, A-42, A-43, A-44

Owner: Birch O. Mahaffey (all) and Richard D. Sheldon (A-43 and A-44)
Mahaffey, a St. Louis lawyer who was president of the McBride Oil Company, intended to develop this land into luxury homes on large lots.
Location: A-10  house  698362  4283041 (this house may have been destroyed before 1941)
               A-40  house  700133  4284247 (a Mrs. Walsh lived here in 1940)
               A-41  no structures
               A-42  no structures
               A-43  no structures
               A-44  swimming pool  701488  4284601  When Mahaffey purchased the property, it had contained the St. Louis Catholic Boys' Camp.  It had consisted of the pool, a tennis court, a lodge, and cabins.  By 1941, all buildings except the lodge had been destroyed.

The swimming pool

Acreage: A-10   130.29
              A-40    202.18
              A-41      60.80
              A-42      39.99
              A-43      80.00
              A-44    107.72
Contract price: A-10  $25,129.45
                       A-40  $41,441.05
                       A-41  $12,411
                       A-42  $  8,202.05
                       A-43 and A-44  $36,304.45
Property condemned (A-10,  A-43, and A-44 on on June 25, 1941)
Property sold (A-40 and A-41 on January 28, 1941, and A-42 on January 11, 1941)

Today: A-10 house and outbuilding rubble
           A-40 house and outbuilding foundations; trash in ravine and on hillside
           A-44 swimming pool; lodge located nearby, perhaps near daffodils; foundations of pump house; 25 iron pipes, each 5 feet from the next, in a straight line (probably showerhouse)