Owners: Henry and Catherine Boerding
1940 Census: Henry Boerding, age 65, farmer
                         Catherine Boerding, age 58
                         Raymond, age 25
                         Leonard, age 21
Location: 692126   4286949  (Busch C. A. on the peninsula at the south end of Lake 37)
Acreage: 231.97
Contract price: $22,800
Property sold on January 27, 1941.  By March 21, the building had been burned, after the government had salvaged lumber which was used in construction of an electrical warehouse.
Cemetery: Castlio 
Today: concrete foundation, depression of barn, tops of cistern, daffodils
Front of house

Back of house
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Madeline, Henry, Louise, Catherine, Raymond

1941 view
1941 view